Albania has many resources, which are hardly developed: A great geographical location, coastal and inland waters, mountain landscapes, natural food, mineral resources of all kinds etc.

They are missing funds to exploit and develop these resources. Decades of communist mismanagement and isolation from the rest of the world led to a neglected industry and infrastructure.

Albanians has many people with good education eager to work. But jobs are rare and because of that, wages are very low.

Many people have only a low income. Thus, buying power is low and consumption is at a low level but growing.

Albania needs billions of foreign investment to modernise infrastructure and to create new jobs.


Switzerland is in the last century, two world wars spared. While Europe twice lay in ruins, the Swiss people by a wise social and economic policy, our own performance and, thanks to the help of countless immigrants worldwide in many areas top positions gained.

While two world wars were raging during the last century, Switzerland was spared. While Europe twice lay in ruins, the Swiss people achieved top positions in many areas by a wise social and economic policy, good performance and thanks to the help of countless immigrants from all over the world.

Switzerland is technologically, financially and environmentally at the forefront of the industrialized countries. Very low unemployment rate, high average income as well as  health and reliable secure pensions allow people in Switzerland to live in freedom, security and prosperity and in a largely intact environment.

Swiss direct investments abroad in 2006 amounted to 73 billion francs.

Economic Structure

We have set ourselves the task to contribute to upturn in Albania, so all Albanians and Albanians are able to earn a livelihood on their own.

Therefor, many new jobs need to be created in Albania.

We want to convince Swiss food chains that it is better to procure fresh and cheap agricultural products from Albania and have convenience products produced in Albania, instead of transport them from distant continents. Eco friends get their money’s worth, too.

This helps importers and consuments. What can be produced in Albania, does not meed to come from China. Goods from Albanian are not only less costly, but are also produced more sustainable.

Shipping doesn’t need three weeks at sea – two days by road is enough. Like this, time and costs can be saved. At the end, producers, merchants and consumers will profit.


We see ourselves as an exchange point between politics, administration, economy, companies and investors within and between the two countries.

We rely on an extensive network in Switzerland and Albania and are partnering with European companies already active in Albania, Kosova and Macedonia.

You can count on our support when looking for reliable data, for finding you local contacts or for initiating new business deal.

Dear Investors

  • Your assets in Albania are as safe as in Switzerland.
  • Return-on-investment is much higher as in Switzerland.


Outlook: Speech of Prof. Dr. Bernd Schips
Article Tax Heaven Albania (Format [now “Trend”], January 17, 2013)