The “Swiss-Albanian Society” is well connected. Our big network consists of longterm specialists of Albania, Swiss human aid organizations, Swiss companies active in Albania and Albanian businessmen and citizens living in Switzerland.

Exper Access

Amongst our members and part of our network are many experts for various Albanian topics, amongst others

  • culture and society,
  • economy,
  • integration in Switzerland,
  • emigration to Albania,
  • tourism as well as
  • history and politics.

We are pleased to put you in contact with experts for speeches and professional articles, to help with media inquiries and other information needs.


The “Swiss-Albanian Society” organizes events in Switzerland and Albania, often in collaboration wth other organizations.

Further information

Investment assistance

We see ourselves as an exchange point between politics, administration, economy, companies and investors within and between the two countries. You can count on our support when looking for reliable data, for finding you local contacts or for initiating new business deal.

We rely on an extensive network in Switzerland and Albania and are partnering with European companies already active in Albania, Kosova and Macedonia..

Flyer “Investieren in Albanien” (PDF; German)

Please contact us for a detailed offering



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