Several Albanian organizations in Switzerland have joined forces to collect urgently needed money for reconstruction in Albania.

Donate for reconstruction after earthquake in AlbaniaEven months after the earthquake of November, many people are still living in precarious conditions. Thousands of buildings have been destroyed. People who had to fight for survival before the earthquake lost their homes and are still living in temporary shelters.

Tents serve as new homes for many. Others have lost their places to raise an income. Reconstruction is currently being planned intensively in Albania – but money is need.

We want to help

At the initiative of the Embassies of Albania and Kosova in Bern, several Albanian organisations and influential personalities have come together to collect money once again.

> Report from the meeting

The Swiss-Albanian Society was entrusted with the collection of donations. Representatives of the diaspora will verify this.

Our goal: A house of the Swiss Community

Destroyed houses and destroyed infrastructure must be rebuilt. With our collection we want to support the reconstruction of a social community center in the affected areas.

The organisations involved will decide on the exact purpose of the donations as soon as there is more clarity about the needs and projects. And, of course, will report about the progress.

Our goal is to be able to hang up a plaque that bears witness to the generosity of the Albanian community and other friends of Albania in Switzerland. A plaque that points out that this beautiful new building of a social institution was made possible thanks to donations from Switzerland.

Please help!

To achieve this goal, we need all the help we can get.

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And share this appeal among friends and acquaintances, at work and in the association.

Donate for reconstruction after earthquake in Albania