On November 24, the Swiss-Albanian Society celebrated in Bern its tenth anniversary

The guests followed several short presentations:

Zef Ahmeti (Albanisches Institut St. Gallen) talked about the history of the diplomatic relationship between Switzerland and Albania: The Swiss government hesitated for a long time until finally accepting the new Albanian state and later on the communist regime in Tirana.

Francis Cousin, member of the Advisory Board of the Society, gave an account of his time as Ambassador in Tirana. He was looking forward to become Swiss Ambassador in Albania after a short mission in Tirana in 1999. Still today, he is connected with Albania.

The writer Marc P Sahli read some of the short stories from his book Logographien. They illustrate very impressivly the Balkan world and the life in Kosovo in particular.

Lars Haefner, president of the society,looked back on 25 years of Swiss activities in Albanian and the 10 years of the association.

After the presentations, the guests made use of the opportunity to network and share experiences about Albania while enjoying a glas of Albanian wine.